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Barn at Sunset

Barn at Sunset


This is a photograph I took transferred onto a slice of wood. I cut the logs myself with a chainsaw, prepped the slice, transferred the photo, sealed it with polyurethane, and added hooks on the back to hang on a wall. The photograph was taken on a family farm in western rural Pennsylvania at sunset.

SIZE OF WOOD SLICE: Approximately 4" wide and tall and 3/4" thick

Each slice of wood used for these pieces of art is recycled from my own backyard and various cut down trees from the Western Pennsylvania region. Each is chosen and inspected for good quality beforehand. I myself cut the slices with a chainsaw. I chose wood slices as my canvas because what better way to connect the subject of the photograph with where it came from.

Both sides of the wood are sealed with polyurethane and mod podge to ensure the wood is sealed. The back is glued with soft felt to prevent any scratching that could occur when hanging the wood slice.

Please note that the slices of wood I choose, I sand both sides to ensure the photograph can transfer smoothly. The bark and imperfections I leave as is and do not alter. Some slices I've chosen have holes, cracks, dark veins, etc. I enjoy using the imperfections of the wood to my advantage when creating these pieces of art. Due to using a piece of nature, over time, the bark may chip or flake off. I make sure enough polyurethane is there to seal the wood before shipping.

Each slice is hand signed by yours truly with my initials on the bark. I try to make it so it's out of the way and won't disrupt the art.

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